Scene Hair

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Thank you for watching h.ayu. “ʕ.. * 方 Prefer immediate purchase. Add 7 sets of haze grass, 3 cotton pearls [approx. It is finished with elegant and refreshing cute hair decoration Simple and cute ❀ Excellent compatibility with hair Since it is made one by one, you can hold it anywhere you like and enjoy various arrangements And also for the items of the parent Corde ♪ The brown part is a wire, so it can be bent よ う It will be a nice hair arrangement ♪ It will not be cleared up after use, it will not wither, so arrange it in a vase or put it on a photo frame You can also make a wreath and enjoy it! Please use it as a material for flower arrangements ● Dried flowers and preserved flowers are delicate Please note that flowers may drop or chip off during delivery, so thank you in advance. Party / graduation ceremony / entrance ceremony / graduation ceremony / entrance ceremony / dining party / second party / entrance ceremony / chigosan etc … # dry flower head parts # hair arrangement parts hair ornaments # dry hula


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