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A concert in a wheelchair The last sight his fans remember …

حفل غنائي على كرسي متحرك آخر مشهد يتذكره جمه…

A concert in a wheelchair The last scene that the fans of the late popular singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim remembered during an artistic ceremony that he lived in Saudi Arabia during the Riyadh season, during which he appeared to be sitting as he suffered a fracture in his foot with the installation of "slides" and "nails" before he was surprised by his fans with the news of his death in the morning Today. Other than that, the late artist was not suffering from any health crises, but during the past few hours he felt a little uncomfortable health and his son "Essam" transferred him to Maadi Military Hospital to hold his last breath. Shaaban Abdel Rahim passed away from Donyana at the age of 62 at the Maadi Military Hospital in Sabah


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